School Quest (2019)

School-Sim RPG for Android

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School Quest is a simulation-RPG for Android. It started as a PC Java game for my final year project at the University of Essex in 2017/18.

I continued development after graduation, adding new gameplay and engine features whilst porting to Android, releasing it on the Google Play in March 2019.

Features of the engine include tile map rendering, a simple stack-based scripting language and a lexer-parser for external text-based resources.

Effective: 9th October 2019

School Quest, or the developer refers to Luke Weaver, the sole developer behind School Quest.

School Quest does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information by itself or associated services.

What information does School Quest collect?

School Quest itself performs no data collection of any kind. However, it uses Google Play Console to collect data to improve the app.

Google Play Console reports include information such as:

  • How many unique users have played School Quest within a period of time.
  • User device statistics, such as device model, language, country, etc.
  • Crash and error reports.
  • In-app purchases.
How Is Collected Data Used?

School Quest solely uses the information above to fix in-app bugs.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions?

The developer can be contacted by email at to answer further questions relating to School Quest or this privacy policy.